Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future

How it started...

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pineapple (Owner), wanted to combine the aspect of business with his favorite hobby–gaming!

A name was born… Havoc! In 2020, the team “Havoc Gaming” began on Modern Warfare 2019 as just a regiment between friends. In time, we reached out to people on social media and began building our team all over the country (USA).

The team grew into a competitive unit, which began competing in online leagues and tournaments. We began winning 1st place at almost every tournament and started focusing on the next level!

We knew if we wanted to become great, we had to have great content. At the end of 2020 we started to re-align our values, organization and how we projected our image. Content was now the game!

How its going...

At the beginning of 2021, we separated our organization into Esports and Content teams, along with an administration team.

We then rebranded on 3/15/2021, which was our 1 year anniversary. We were now Team Havoc.

Our focus was no longer being a clan or small organization.

We focused on multi-layered content, streams and more!

2021 provided us the clarity to begin searching the horizon! We began diversifying into more than just esports, focusing on podcasts, culture and apparel!

The past year gave us the upmost confidence to begin focusing on the long-term vision of the organization, which is becoming the Future of Esports

What is the future of Team Havoc though?

We believe that not only diversifying our content to each platform, geography and experience is the key–but diversifying for the tomorrow! We live in an everchanging world that is only speeding up within it’s innovation and spirit. It’s up to us to adapt, and be a forerunner on all things culture, technology, and of course… gaming!

We have big plans for 2022. So Stay Tuned…

The Future of Esports

Gaming. Culture. Fun.

Gaming. Culture. Fun.

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